Three miles from Sneem near Castlecove and Caherdaniel you find Staigue Fort ( Cathair Na Stéige ),
one of the largest and finest ring forts you are likely to see in Ireland.
It stands on a low hill in an amphitheatre of rugged hills open to the sea on the south.
The wall is up to 5 m high, 4m thick and 27.4m in diameter. Inside the wall are two small.
The interior of the fort is reached through a 1.8m passage roofed with double lintels.
The fort is surrounded by a large bank and ditch, to be seen on the north side.
Staigue Fort shows skill in building. No mortar was used and the stones are not dressed.
The dating is difficult but it may have been built during the Celtic period, probably around the first century BC.
There is evidence that copper was excavated in the surrounding area and
appears to be a place of worship, an observatory and a place of defence.

The Staigue Fort Exhibition Centre

The exhibition centre uses a exciting way to portray the story of the fort.
A video presentation which will appeal to young and old alike, develops
the theory as well as the ancient Irish folklore which has been associated with the fort for centuries.


The centre is opened from Easter Weekend to the end of September from 10am to 9pm daily,
it also includes simple accommodation at a reasonable price.
For further information please call 353 66 75127
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