The Work of Anke Petersen
Ardshillane West - Sneem - Co. Kerry - Ireland
Tel. + 353 64-45576
The Studio is sign posted in Sneem.

Anke Petersen was born in Flensburg Germany and studied at the Bournemouth
and Poole College of Art, had her own gallery in St.Ives Cornwall and moved to Ireland in 1995.
She opened the Sneem Art Studio - Gallery in May of 1999.
Exhibitions : London, Berlin, Bristol, Cornwall and Ireland.
Private collections worldwide.

She likes to call her work lyrical. It is organic,
as it grows through the creative process within from
an empty space, the blank sheet or canvas and the first mark.
Various experiences flow into this: sensual as well as emotional,
mental and what she calls spiritual or soul-experiences.

She is inspired by nature's varied forms, patterns, textures,
colours and tones; the reflections and changes of light.

Including graphic elements into her paintings, she forms and shapes the paint
to produce gradual tones and contrasts.

" In the outdoors studying nature, I try to sense and grasp an
underlying 'something' which strikes a chord deep within.
My paintings and drawings flow from this very chord,
resonating through heart and soul."